Project number: 2020-1.1.1-KKV-START-2021-00381


The aim of the project is to start innovation processes at GRILL HOUSE KFT by expanding the range of services of the company. The company founded in 2010, its main activity is restaurant and mobile hospitality. The company currently operate a catering unit called Grill-Gyros Salad Bar in a frequented suburban area in the town of Debrecen. The location of the project is the registered office of the company (4033 Debrecen, Szabó Lőrinc utca 33, the topographical number of the property: 19378/5 / A / 1.).

Within the framework of the project, the company intends to introduce a new service (product range expansion) through the renewal of technological processes. In order to the implementation of the innovation activity, and the acquisition of the equipment related to the introduction of innovation, 1 current employee and 1 new employee will be involved. The target group of our project consists of people with a healthy diet, food allergies and those on a special diet.

The expansion of the product range extends to the production of food that suitable for those, who affected by food allergies. It also suitable for producing food, that promoting a healthy diet or serving a special diet. Through the production locally produced ingredients will be used.

The planned development can be considered a novelty at the company. Due to the fact that our company's offer does not currently include foods suitable for people with food allergies or foods that promote a healthy diet or serve a special diet, the introduction of this offer will develop a new, commercially usable service within the project. The planned development will improve the efficiency and profitability of our company's economic activities as well as its competitiveness.

Overall, as a result of the project, we will achieve an increase in choice and efficiency improvements, and as a result of the improvement a market potential is expected also, that providing a multiple of the support used.